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Pinholistically Yours!


L’homme idéal

l'homme idéal


How are you? Ah, you think I am going to wish you a happy new year? Well,no! Why? Because nothing changed for me between the Dec. 31st and Jan.1st…

And no new year’s resolutions as it is useless: no diet this year.No.Nothing at all.

I am writing this message from the other side of this world,from the bottom of a golden coffin, in which nails are hammered every day.

I am in fact in a state of extreme frustration.I moved to an other place, an other country, an other continent.I don’t complain as my situation is by far better than any other one here…

Well, no! I have to complain because it is sooo French!Yes, i am frustrated because pinholing became a dream here not a reality. No films.No products.Nothing. And yet….I have a big bathroom I could turn into a darkroom.This is what I was missing from France as i had a tiny bathroom.

I recently received my pinhole adapter for my Nikon D90 and decided to play with it to check what kind of interesting pictures could be made with it. Obviously, i will never be able to get the amazing effects of an analogue camera.

I have tried everything: different light, different sensibility, close-up, flashlight….And I think that the only interesting pictures that could be obtained with a digital pinhole are pictures of moving objects.

And yet…Here is a photograph of a bottle of perfume.A still bottle.

PS: I would not mind if eventually you would agree to send me if you please some pinhole and analogue photography related stuffs in order to decrease the level of my frustration:for example samples of photographic paper,fixer for paper and films,black and white films.

Conclusion:”l’homme idéal n’existe pas”.

You have four hours to write an essay about it.

Now, i will leave you and try to tidy the mess in my head.

Pinholistically Yours!





mission pinpossible001

I have always wanted to try pinhole photography with instant films. I had in mind that one day I
had to buy a Diana multi operator pinhole camera with an instant back….Then I forgot the idea….

And once upon a time THIS camera, yes this one ! This devilish 66/6 Supersense Beast I could not resist to buy thanks to its marketing commando operations on Twitter. Almost the same article written, rewritten, twitted, retwitted so many times that it looked like brainwashing… I spent three weeks thinking before clicking the BUY button. But I did it. I had to check what it had in its belly belows… Now, my wallet is on a severe diet !

232€ for a pinhole camera is a lot.And don’t even think about the impossible project film! 8 pictures for 20 euros plus shipping fees: that makes you think a lot before shooting!

I had to wait more than one week to receive the supersense. I was really excited about testing this pinhole camera! I had not bought the film yet because I was not sure about the film this camera uses. I had plenty of time to check the belows…
And I noticed some annoying things about them. They are not as flexible as I thought. I think that the rubber is too thick to be easy to handle.
And when I could finally test it with the black and white impossible project film, i was….. DISGUSTED!!!
No way I could get a decent picture with it although I followed the instructions carefully: i downloaded the recommended application, i used the multiplying factor mentionned in the instructions… And each time i pressed the button,I could hear the sweat sound of coins getting away from my pockets.
Only the pictures taken inside with my studio lights were acceptable.

mission pinpossible002

So I started to think about the problem. Where the hell does it come from? I read some stuffs about the black and white impossible film that confirmed my doubts about the film. I will stay polite…And I think the application to calculate the exposure time is just the same. I compared it with the Ilford Chart and I have noticed a big difference of time between the two. I have never failed with the Ilford exposure chart….

This is a view from my window:
mission pinpossible009

Ah, another thing! I had to use the camera upside down on my tripod to be sure I get the picture on the right side! Grrr! One shot for nothing!

Here I could have a over exposed picture although the weather was veryyyy bad. Just notice the traces of the belows. It was supposed to be at level 3 but as I told you there were not easy to handle with.It was raining a lot when I took this picture, a day like the end of the world, dark and cold.So I was in a hurry and took this shot between level 2 and 3 by mistake, that’s why the belows traces are not centered on the picture.
mission pinpossible004

Here is another view from my other window. I used the level 5 of the camera at 0.24 mm:
mission pinpossible005

How to describe the way I took this picture? In the ” I am fed up with life” mode as i was desperately trying to get something readable. Picture taken in my car as I was driving / 45 min exposure time.
mission pinpossible006

I finally bought another color impossible project film….Here is the only picture i could take because just after the camera went to the paradise of pinhole cameras. Fortunately, the Supersense company is not French. I will normally get a new one soon!

mission pinpossible008

Mission unaccomplished!

Pinholistically Yours!

Al Halg – Morrocco


Sometimes it is not so easy to have a walk with a camera in your hands…Especially in a country where taking a “artistic” picture on a beach is not common. I had to be careful not to shoot any person to be sure I won’t have any problems and be considered as a “voyeur”. I never had any remarks there.I think Morrocco is a very tolerant country to live in. Believe me, I have been to many places where you shoot at your own risk but I wanted to avoid that unpleasant feeling you get when you hurt someone.You always have to see far when you shoot ( pinhole).

I took this picture in Morrocco, in a place called Al Halg. It is located in the north east of Morrocco. Nature is still wild there.It’s Holga as usual as a travelling companion. I used a FP4+ rollfilm to shoot this picture. But I made a big mistake. The arrow which indicates how many pictures you take was on the number 16 ( 6X4.5). I could not remember which frame I used with my Holga: 6X6 or 6X4.5? I did not want to open the camera and lose a rollfilm as it was the only one I took with me.

You can see what happened on this picture taken at Tafoghalt:


Of course I have cut the edges for the first picture, because it was nicer like this.

Pinholistically Yours!