About Me

Who Is Souhade Guermache:
The best way to describe myself would be what is called in French ‘ portrait chinois’.And it would be like this one:

1- If i were a animal ? probably a cat, i love cats. Or a bird; because it flies high in the sky. It must be a powerful feeling to see things from the sky.
2- If i were a color ? Red, the color of passion.
3- If i were a stylist ? Tati, boulevard Barbès, Paris
4- If i were a singer ?Susan Boyle, and don’t ask me why!
5- If i were a star ? A shooting star that slips between your fingers
6- If i were a city ? Albuquerque, sounds good!
7- If i were a book ? I can’t read
8- If i were a monument ?Statue of liberty: Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
9- If i were an actor ? Ewan Mc Gregor
10- If i were a serie ? Dexter, to cut you into pieces because you were naughty, naughty.
11- If i were a singer ? I told you Susan Boyle, don’t ask me why!!!!
12- If I were a style of music ? 80′s music sound, with cheap electronic sound
13- If I were a movie ? 8 femmes , François Ozon. I can be the 8 women of this movie at the same time. Be careful!
14- If I were a fragrance? Eau Belle, Doris Azzaro in a former life. Now I use Narciso Rodriguez. Don’t you smell it?

Photography and I:

I came to analogue photography at school by chance when I was 17. I used to come to school every Saturday to improve the darkroom practice. Then I went to the university, was in charge of a darkroom in a campus until I was 23 y.o. Then I stopped: I got married then got children. Came back to developing films in 2005 in a photo club. Then bought a Minolta Dimage 7000i. Shot a lot with it. Then stopped  photo again. Then started again in an other photo club. Then stopped for 7 years. Bought a smartphone: shooting a lot with it too. Got registered at Pics’Art. Sharing a lot of pics. Lately came back to analogue photography thanks to Internet. For how Long now?

Why did i choose pinhole photography to express myself? I would say that it is a school of patience as I am a human volcano. With pinhole photography, you must not be in a hurry to take a picture; then to see it. And if you are patient enough, you can build your camera and control the process from A to Z with unexpected results too. I like this balance between a certain control you can have and the uncertainty of the results.

My favourite photographers:

Duane Michals,Edouard Boubat,Man Ray,Robert Frank, Edward Weston….And many other ones!


My dream is to shoot the “Big Apple” with a pinhole camera. And I would be in heaven if I could make a book about this city. It is a dream of a little girl.


16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for following my blog! I’ve had fun going through your posts and it has inspired me to try pinhole photography. Right now I’m shooting film anyway as part of a summer project so it’s just to, well, build a pinhole camera I suppose

  2. I really love your blog! I haven’t made a pinhole camera since I was 7 but because of you I really want to do it again 🙂 How did you set up your darkroom?

    • I don’t have one. I scan the negatives. I have to deal with it! I have to confess that all the positive comments are my fuel;my energy to go on with pinhole photography. Glad to know I have “converted” some people to it. So thank you!

  3. “I like this balance between a certain control you can have and the uncertainty of the results.”

    Never thought of it this way, but I think it’s dead on. Perhaps this is why I am attracted to pinhole photography.

  4. I hope you stay for a long time! Do you know, I have the same wish, to go to NYC with pinhole cams! I was there last year, but no pinholes that time, and I so much regret that.
    That would be a wonderful thing to do!

  5. I just received your postcard today through the postcard exchange set up by Monica Smith. Thank you so much. I love it and will now be following your blog.

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