WPPD in Portland

Haystackrock cannon beach001

From virtuality to reality, there is one step. And what a giant step I took to meet some virtual pinhole friends in Portland for the WPPD 2015. A Two-way-seventeen-hour trip I will never forget.
The first meeting took place last year in Amsterdam. And there it was decided that each year the group would meet for this special day in a different city.
This is amazing how a common passion can bring people from different cultural backgrounds together! Stop war, do pinhole!
As far as I am concerned, I did not shoot that much and I deeply regret it. Photography is a passion for solitary souls. I had three bodyguards with me who had other plans: find some fashionable partners for their wardrobe.
I lost a film in that trip too thanks to the X-rays scanners. Never believe anyone at the airport when they tell you it is ok until 800 ISO. it is a lie! The only film that was rescued was a 125 ISO rollfilm.
Ah, I forgot something too! To tell you that I forgot my tripod in the suitcase I was supposed to take with me to Portland, because I realized that the suitcase I was supposed to take to Portland was too tiny to be taken to Portland.You understand?
That means that I took blurred images. I was the tripod bipod. And the pictures were not even taken in Portland, but Cannon Beach. And not on April 26th. A perfect failure! But I intend to correct all of this next year, and guess what! You are invited!


Holga Pinhole camera ( 35 mm) – Ilford FP4+- Caffenol C

Pinholistically Yours!



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