Unicorn Pinhole Camera by Orlando Montès


” Objets inanimés, avez-vous donc une âme?”.

I will start this post with some French poetry. Ok! This was the only one-second cultural stuff of this time, you can go to your normal routine now! Turn your TV on and don’t forget to unplug your brain too….

“Inanimate objects, do you have a soul?” Hey, hey, hey, i will insist! This will be the two-second …

Oh, please! Be serious one minute in your life! ( Have you noticed that I used the notion of time passing, a very important thing to know when yo shoot pinhole!).

Yes, things may have a soul, the soul of its owner, the soul of its maker. That is what I think about the Unicorn Pinhole Camera by Orlando Montès from Mexico. When I saw his cameras on Twitter, I said to myself I have to see what it looks like. So I got in touch with him to get one of his masterpieces.

When I had it between my hands I thought that it was a clever idea to use a sort of wooden “jewel box” to make a camera. I was even surprised that there was a red light proof window. This box is completely handmade and you can see it. I love the   mexican dressing of this box, that is what caught my eyes! Leave this box in your living room, I am sure your guests will ask you: “what is it?”.

Unfortunately, and as usual i should say, my hands did a disaster. As I was turning the knob to shoot one more picture, it suddenly detached it from the body of the camera. And the ” Pinholistically Yours proof camera” certification was born! Of course, I lost the film inside the camera as i opened it to check the damages.

I could ressurect the pinhole camera thanks to another pinhole camera creator: Todd Schlemmer.I used his knob ( check the picture above and you see what I mean) and reload the camera with a new film. Unfortunately, there was  a problem of tension with the film. Each time I took a new picture, the film used to come back a little bit behind. So all the shots overlapped…. I came back to a method I used before. and by y the magic of a screwdriver, the miracle happened…. The problem is that I have not developped the film yet. I cross my fingers so that it works.

You can check the cameras here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unicorn-Pinhole/713349922020710

PS: if inanimate things have a soul, the soul of its owner, I deeply feel sorry for my unicorn pinhole camera…

Pinholistically Yours!


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