mission pinpossible001

I have always wanted to try pinhole photography with instant films. I had in mind that one day I
had to buy a Diana multi operator pinhole camera with an instant back….Then I forgot the idea….

And once upon a time THIS camera, yes this one ! This devilish 66/6 Supersense Beast I could not resist to buy thanks to its marketing commando operations on Twitter. Almost the same article written, rewritten, twitted, retwitted so many times that it looked like brainwashing… I spent three weeks thinking before clicking the BUY button. But I did it. I had to check what it had in its belly belows… Now, my wallet is on a severe diet !

232€ for a pinhole camera is a lot.And don’t even think about the impossible project film! 8 pictures for 20 euros plus shipping fees: that makes you think a lot before shooting!

I had to wait more than one week to receive the supersense. I was really excited about testing this pinhole camera! I had not bought the film yet because I was not sure about the film this camera uses. I had plenty of time to check the belows…
And I noticed some annoying things about them. They are not as flexible as I thought. I think that the rubber is too thick to be easy to handle.
And when I could finally test it with the black and white impossible project film, i was….. DISGUSTED!!!
No way I could get a decent picture with it although I followed the instructions carefully: i downloaded the recommended application, i used the multiplying factor mentionned in the instructions… And each time i pressed the button,I could hear the sweat sound of coins getting away from my pockets.
Only the pictures taken inside with my studio lights were acceptable.

mission pinpossible002

So I started to think about the problem. Where the hell does it come from? I read some stuffs about the black and white impossible film that confirmed my doubts about the film. I will stay polite…And I think the application to calculate the exposure time is just the same. I compared it with the Ilford Chart and I have noticed a big difference of time between the two. I have never failed with the Ilford exposure chart….

This is a view from my window:
mission pinpossible009

Ah, another thing! I had to use the camera upside down on my tripod to be sure I get the picture on the right side! Grrr! One shot for nothing!

Here I could have a over exposed picture although the weather was veryyyy bad. Just notice the traces of the belows. It was supposed to be at level 3 but as I told you there were not easy to handle with.It was raining a lot when I took this picture, a day like the end of the world, dark and cold.So I was in a hurry and took this shot between level 2 and 3 by mistake, that’s why the belows traces are not centered on the picture.
mission pinpossible004

Here is another view from my other window. I used the level 5 of the camera at 0.24 mm:
mission pinpossible005

How to describe the way I took this picture? In the ” I am fed up with life” mode as i was desperately trying to get something readable. Picture taken in my car as I was driving / 45 min exposure time.
mission pinpossible006

I finally bought another color impossible project film….Here is the only picture i could take because just after the camera went to the paradise of pinhole cameras. Fortunately, the Supersense company is not French. I will normally get a new one soon!

mission pinpossible008

Mission unaccomplished!

Pinholistically Yours!



  1. I’ve never had good luck with Impossible film. I have four boxes in the fridge and the thought of exposing it and getting nothing keeps me from trying. Maybe it is time I do

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