Al Halg – Morrocco


Sometimes it is not so easy to have a walk with a camera in your hands…Especially in a country where taking a “artistic” picture on a beach is not common. I had to be careful not to shoot any person to be sure I won’t have any problems and be considered as a “voyeur”. I never had any remarks there.I think Morrocco is a very tolerant country to live in. Believe me, I have been to many places where you shoot at your own risk but I wanted to avoid that unpleasant feeling you get when you hurt someone.You always have to see far when you shoot ( pinhole).

I took this picture in Morrocco, in a place called Al Halg. It is located in the north east of Morrocco. Nature is still wild there.It’s Holga as usual as a travelling companion. I used a FP4+ rollfilm to shoot this picture. But I made a big mistake. The arrow which indicates how many pictures you take was on the number 16 ( 6X4.5). I could not remember which frame I used with my Holga: 6X6 or 6X4.5? I did not want to open the camera and lose a rollfilm as it was the only one I took with me.

You can see what happened on this picture taken at Tafoghalt:


Of course I have cut the edges for the first picture, because it was nicer like this.

Pinholistically Yours!


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