So nice in Nice!

So nice in Nice!

Last week, I spent two days in a very nice city in the South of France… Nice! I took the opportunity to test the 3D printed camera of Todd Schlemmer I bought a while ago.
I was really curious about the fact that that camera was 3D printed.I wanted to touch it and see if it was solid enough. Well, it is!
It was rather easy to assemble the camera. Yes, as you know now I am not quite a DIY girl. The thing i liked the most is that I could hide it in my jacket’s pockets ( large pockets, of course, do I have to take a picture of my jacket?). Very convenient when you don’t have a bag with you. I would say that the possibility to have your camera around your neck would be a good idea. Please Todd,is it possible to have this as an option?
The way to load the camera is not the one we are used to.It is not in the back. You have to push up the lid to load the P6x6 pinhole camera.To be sure there will be no scratches on the film, you have a self adhesive velvet, which is a very good idea.
I used a mini tripod with this pinhole camera as I did not want to travel with big luggage.An other think to hide in my pockets…

Let’s talk about the picture now… This picture was taken at the “Parc de la colline du château” in Nice. Sometimes the best pictures are in fact failures. Yes,I failed somewhere to get this picture. I failed in the developping process of the film. I developped two roll-films at the same time, but unfortunately, I did not used enough caffenol-c ( half liter instead of the double). That means that this roll-film was under-developped. But I could get a “scannable” picture comparing to the roll-film developped just under that one.You can guess the bubbles of caffenol, but it is not quite disturbing on this picture…
I think that the caffenol stand development method I used saved this roll-film…

If you are curious about the P6x6 3D printed camera, you can buy it for 50 USD, and it is very cheap thanks to the euro currency…

Pinholistically Yours!


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