Pinhole Camera Test: AE Pinshot by Rudolph Crane

ae pinshot by rudolph crane

At the beginning of photography, there were pinhole cameras: a simple hole in a black box.

In 2014, pinhole photography still exists under different ways. You have to know the AE pinshot pinhole camera of Rudolph Crane!

Forget your exposure tables….With the AE Pinshot, you will never make pinhole pictures as you were doing before.

Twitter is a great way to “meet” people. This is how I could know Rudolph Crane and his AE pinshot camera. With a simple tweet: ” hey, I’d love to test your camera”. And here it is … Between my hands!

The AE pinshot camera is a real piece of hand made art. Made of plywood, we can see that the design was deeply studied. In few words, it is a mix between tradition and modernity, handmade and electronic.

Modernity?Electronic? What do these words have to do with pinhole cameras? Just look at the name of the camera: Automatic Exposure Pinshot!The lightmeter integrated in the camera will evaluate the quantity of light thanks to preset parameters recorded for a wide range of films. It is going to be hard to fail to have the wrong exposure with this pinhole camera.

If the conditions of light are extreme, you can correct the exposure thanks to the EV button. When you are ready to shoot, just press the button and the AE pinshot will do the rest! The shutter will automatically close after the exposure time is elapsed.

More specifically: the AE pinshot is a 6X17 panoramic pinhole camera. You have to use 6X6 rollfilms and you can shoot 5 pictures with it. The focal length is 60 mm for a 0.3 mm hole diameter.

Its inventor could not help saying to me that is is a prototype. Well as a prototype, it is not too bad! When the AE Pinshot will be released, I want to be the first one to have it! I cannot wait!

You want one? Stay tuned to this website:




10 thoughts on “Pinhole Camera Test: AE Pinshot by Rudolph Crane

  1. Go for it! Nice.
    I’ve been using my Rolllei sl66 with a pinhole attachment (made from the bottom of a aluminium food container, cardboard and masking tape. camera side painted with black board paint. The advantage in using the rollei is that I can see enough in reasonable light to frame(ish) and the extending bellows offers a zoom lens!
    Quality is down to the proficiency I can make a round hole with a pin. I use a flat bed scanner to estimate the stop and edge definition of the hole.
    Thanks for your timely post – it is a stab in the ribs to pull my finger out and get some done.

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