Pinhole tin can camera test


Many months ago, I showed you a  pinhole camera made from a tin can:

I am glad to show you the pictures I could get from this pinhole camera. I had to make some “improvements”: the system I thought about to keep the film sheet in its place was not efficient at all. I had to cut the little pieces of metal that were supposed to retain the sheet. Instead of it, I used two rubber bands up and down to be sure the sheet won’t be moving from its place. You can obviously see the traces of those rubber bands on the three pictures.The dirty spot in the first picture was made because I wrapped the twice around the sheet.Therefore, the developping product could not be efficient in some parts of the sheet as it was wrapped too tight. Once the rubber band wrapped around the film got out of the tank when developing a sheet, that is why I wrapped the rubber band twice…

Time exposure: about 1 min for the two first pictures on a rainy day / 40 seconds on the last picture on a cloudy day using a 400 ISO Foma sheet. I don’t remember the pinhole sizes.

As I made four pinholes on the box, I was expecting 4 pictures from my pinhole camera.I suppose it depends on the position of the film sheet on the box. In the third picture, I have 4 pictures in fact. In the first part of it, you see me and my hands on each side of my head: that are the three first pictures I took. Then in the second part of it, i got closer to the pinhole box. That is the fourth and the last picture I took.


the pictures with this camera are very interesting. I am amazed by the surprising results I could get from it. The fact that the random position of the sheet in the box may have an influence in the results: why did I get three pictures in the two first pictures and four in the last picture???

Pinholistically Yours!


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