Don’t worry, be crappy!


I am back!

First all all, I would like to wish all my followers a happy new year.May this year be better than the previous one.

In this post, I will tell you about a camera I bought from China. Yes, I am fond of Chinese gadgets and I won’t tell you how much I could spend in buying such things in the past.. Everything is cheap and free shipping.It is a 35 mm DIY camera that I turned into a pinhole camera:

It is easy to assemble…. if you don’t break it into small pieces when you just it put on the table…. I had to glue the pieces I broke, the shutter was one of the victim of the accident. That was a good start between this camera and me!

I used some tape to be sure it is light proof. I was not expecting great results from it. The pinhole size was 0.16 mm for a 35 mm focal length. The film I used was an Ilford FP4+ developed in a Ilfosol solution. I was in a hurry to see the results, so I did not shoot the whole film and took about 14 pictures with it.

I had problem to take the film out. I broke the rewinding hand! Therefore I had to go in the darkroom and open the camera to charge the film into the reels.

Conclusion: Even though my experience with this DIY camera was not that good, I will reorder another one but a different model to turn it into a pinhole camera. See next post for the results.


Pinholistically Yours!





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