Let’s set up the rules


My dear flock of sheep,

by registering to the E.C.P., you have accepted me as your shepherd. So let me guide you and set up the rules of the most exciting photographic of the century… Hum, hum… I have to stop smoking carpets, it is not good for my brain.

We are 26 photographers. The list is not updated yet.

Each one of us will have to tell a piece of story with four pictures maximum.

There must be captions under each picture.

After you took the picture(s), you have to scan the sheets and send me everything ( scans and  all your captions) by email.

Each one will have to send with the camera the last caption to the next photographer.

I will provide the postal addresses where you will have to send the camera to.

Please send the camera by registered mail and send me the tracking number to see where it is.

If for any reasons the camera is lost, please don’t break the chain or you will be cursed ( i have strong powers). Try to find any pinhole camera for this project to be achieved.

I wish that this project could be achieved next year by another chain of pinhole photographer. A little bit like the worldwide pinhole day. A kind of tradition. That would be my contribution to the pinhole photographers world.


Sorry for being late these days concerning the E.C.P., but I had to face personal issues that may have consequences in my future as a pinhole photographer. I am going to move to a third world country almost at war. That means that I may not find what I need  ( products and films) to go on. I may not even have the meanings to buy them if they were available. But I want to be like a cockroach… the last to survive at the end of the world.

Life is really a bitch!

Pinholistically Yours!


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