Panorama with double sheets box


View from my window

This is the picture I could get with this pinhole box:


I don’t know what was inside that box. I found it in my parents’ house.

The focal length of this box is 230 mm. I searched in a book what the optimum size of the pinhole should be. It was written 0.6 mm. The pinhole size of this box is 0.53 mm. Obviously I need to make some improvements. There are big light leaks. I may use a smaller pinhole size to have a sharper image. I had to add something for the sheets not to move in the box. I used a piece of paper with some tape wrapped around it. It looks like this:


I am very enthusiast about this box, although the result is not that good. I want to make it perfect for my next personal project. Thanks to its long focal length, I could use this box as a lensless telephoto lens.

Pinholistically Yours!


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