How to get bald in a day….


Two days ago, I developped two Kodak Portra rollfilms with a Digibase kit I bought one month ago. I was rather reluctant to use colour as I was told that developping a colour film is really difficult. Well, it was not! I could cope with it and if I could do it anyboby can do it too!

When I hung up the rollfims to get dried, i was surprised about the orange colour of the negatives…. I thought i did something wrong with the temperature and told to myself : if you want to learn you have to make mistakes!

I started to search in Google to check what was wrong with it… There was nothing wrong! I passed this exam with success!

I could not imagine that the next step would be so hard to perform… Scanning those colour negatives was so painful! How to get the right colours, those colours I saw when I took the picture??? I spent a lot of time to get this picture and I am not satisfied with it.

I still have a lot of things to learn and if anyone could give me tips to improve myself, i would be happy!

The picture of this post was taken with a Holga WPC. I stuck it to my car window with some tape while driving. This is the only good picture I could take with this camera….

Pinholistically Yours!


One thought on “How to get bald in a day….

  1. Good show!!
    I started to develop colour film few months ago, even though I have done b&w for years. I also thought that colour was only for the professionals, hahaha!!!
    It is as easy as b&w provided that you have a strict control of the temperature!
    The scanning is a different thing though. I use an editing program (like PS) but keeping it as much as possible in the auto mode.

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