New pinhole camera



Here is a new camera I have made. It is a very simple one. I used things around me to make it:a tin can; a piece of a cd’s box stuck at the bottom and on the cover; a paper roll.
I have not made the pinholes yet. Just drilled 4 holes on the can.
I think I will have some problems for the film to stay in its place. I have to test it.

Pinholistically Yours!


5 thoughts on “New pinhole camera

      • Regarding the obsession, when someone asks me about pinholing, I use to say that it is wonderful but highly addictive, hehehe!!!
        And for what the picture will look like, that is the funny part of the game!!!
        If you take a close look to the picture of this link
        The  HexagoDoodle
        the drawing in the computer shows that for any hole of the camera what comes from the right goes (inverted, of course) to left of the film and viceversa, so you will have “kind of discontinuities” in the final image, what increases the challenge and creativity!!
        I can’t wait to see your results!!!

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