My two handmade pinhole cameras




Me: 1,2,3,4,5 five fingers from my right hand. 1,2,3…

You: What are you doing?

Me: counting my fingers to check if everything is allright!

You: I see! But why????

Me: I built two pinhole cameras, I am checking I still have my fingers working. 4,5 fingers from the left hand. Ok. They are all here…

It was hard but I did it! I absolutely wanted to buit two 4×5 in pinhole cameras. Why? Because they seem to be more simple to build than a 120 mm or 35 mm camera. Because I like the big size of the film. And because I wanted one with a film holder for me and another one without a film holder for my project.

I had to rebuild two or three times because of miscalculation. But don’t worry, I kept all the measures in a safe place for some other cameras!

The one with the film older is black. I did not want to bother myself with it. In fact I don’t like it because I made it without real conviction…. But the second one!!!! I love it! I took all my time to build it and I think you can see it. I chose to use foamboard inside, it is nicer than paint. I was trying to be careful not to cut myself with the machines, I hate to see blood, i deeply get sick when I see blood.


The black one is F/288 : FL is 75 mm and pinhole size is 0.26 mm ( take your time with it!) … The other one is F/200: FL is 80 mm and pinhole size 0.4mm.


Thanks to Kinder chocolate, I could find my shutter!




I finally painted it in two colors: blue and pink. Why? Because I liked the poetry they used to name the colors on the packaging:

Rose bonne mine  ( Pink ” look well” ) and Bleu Réveur ( Blue Dreamer). Those colors are for girls I know….Sorry guys!

I am not done with it yet. I want to add some other decorations on it. I want to use craquelure varnish and paper napkin… Never try to do such things in August in France… Because your local store will be closed for holidays. I bought all the things I need now, I just have to finish the work!!! I also need to think about a system for the tripod mount as I did not want to damage the cameras. I know that if I make improvements I will destroy them…

Pinholistically Yours!





2 thoughts on “My two handmade pinhole cameras

  1. I have considered putting a tripod socket on a flat piece of wood, and put hooks on the side of the wood. To use as a universal tripod mount for all sorts of projects. Attach it to the tripod and use as a table for the cameras, hold the camera down with elastic bands if needed, like if you want to tilt the camera.

    Perhaps it could work for you as well.

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