Launching the photographic exquisite corpse project

I don’t know if you have seen the page above called ” Collective Project”. Only Three of my readers have read it…

I am about to launch the idea of a photographic exquisite corpse. But what is it?

The goal is to tell a story with pinhole pictures. We will know the beginning as I will start and publish the photos. Then I will send the pinhole camera to the next one on the list who will provide the next pictures. And so on! The photographers will send me their pictures by email as soon as they have developed them. When the story is finished I will published the whole pictures and we will be able to know the end.

I wanted to launch this project only in Europe. Then I told myself It will be better to launch it only in France because it would be too big. Now I have a problem: I have two American people interested and I don’t want to deceive them. So it will be an international project and I cross my fingers to have clever enough pinhole photographers not to spoil this project.

The first 25 photographers will participate to it. 

4 pictures maximum for each serie.

Each photographer will be responsible for the fees concerning the postal package. I wish I could be rich enough to pay for everything but unfortunately I am not. If you have any suggestion of course you can use the contact form of this blog.

Please if you are interested, read the page about this project.


Pinholistically Yours!



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