A pinhole obsession

Who would have thought that three months ago I would have been into pinhole photography? Not even me! And yet, that is what I have been doing since I opened that blog. Before I used to take pictures with my mobile or my digital camera. The irony is that I use these now to picture my pinhole cameras!

How did i come into pinhole photography? Three years ago I bought a book about pinhole cameras. I read it and then left it on the shelves of my library. Then when I had the occasion, I sold it without trying anything. I was not attracted at all by this way of shooting, although there were amazing pictures inside that book…

As a mother, I don’t have a big social life… In fact, my social life is related to everything connected to the school of my two kids. Wow! Great! Wonderful! I need more than this now. So I got registered to a small photo club in a village near to my city to learn how to use all that photoshop tricks. Meeting people at this club let me  see back  how nice analogue photography can be: the warm atmosphere of a red light room ( don’t misunderstand me, I am talking about the darkroom), the acrid smell of photo chemistry… That was a big slap on my face, remembering the good old days when I was a student at Montpellier! Watch out, analogue photo, I am BACK again!

Then I checked some sites on the Internet and discovered Lomography. I was attracted by the motto “Don’t think, Just shoot”. What I don’t like is the agressive marketing methods they can have sometimes… I have a Lubitel 166 I bought when I was a student.So I thought that it would be the occasion of being a real lomographer. I checked the Lomography website and saw all the strange cameras they sell.The disaster of my life is that  I am a compulsive buyer…”It would be great if I could try them all!”. But as many things in your life you have to make a choice…. And price helps a lot to make a decision! I finally bought a Holga pinhole camera for a very decent price: 30 euros. I checked again what I could do with such a camera and was finally convinced by what I saw…. From now on  I will shoot pinhole pictures. I have to confess I did not have a positive point of view about pinhole photography. For me, it was a hobby for retarded geeks with big glasses covering all the face! But the interesting part of pinhole photography is that you get involved by the whole photographic process: you have to understand optics,think about how to build a camera, choose the format of the camera, and make pictures with the simplest way with imagic results! Pinhole photography is an invitation to slowness, a return to the basics of photography with a wide possibility for experimentations.

This growing passion is now an obsession. I drink pinhole ( soda cans), I eat pinhole ( each container can be a potential camera!), I dream pinhole ( I imagine what kind of pinhole camera I could build): In a word, I see pinhole cameras everywhere! This passion is so strong that I have started to build my own cameras!!! Yes, me, the one who is not gifted for using her fingers to create things!!! And I want to try any kind of pinhole photography: from solargraphy to polaroid pinhole photography!

Next post will be about the two cameras i built :  I just have to try them before I show them to you, I have to be sure they both work good…. But I have a problem…. I procrastinate a lot these days! No, in fact I procrastinate all the time….

Pinholistically Yours!


3 thoughts on “A pinhole obsession

  1. I really love your pictures – glad you rediscovered the love for photography. I have my Holga wide angle pinhole camera staring at me right now.. I think tomorrow could be a good time to shoot off a load of TMax!

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