A 4×5″ pinhole experiment


This picture was taken by this camerahahaha ( this is how I named it)Image

In this way:


I did not expect that at all!

This camera was built in the ” I am fed up with life” way… I built it with presentation cardboard.The four pinhole sizes are not the same, this is why we have a different exposures on this picture. I left the camera 20 min on the stairs and used a 100 iso Foma film. I was almost obliged to use the camera inside as I had no shutter for the pinholes. I needed a long exposure time to be able to hide the pinholes one by one with the cardboard pieces I cut. During the exposure I came up and down the stairs. There are some light leaks…

It is the first time that I use this size of film. I absolutely wanted to do it. I used the taco method to develop it.

You want to buy this picture?? The price is a six figure numbers. I only accept Monopoly banknotes. Use the contact form to get info.

PS: I will destroy this camera with my feet. I hate it…

Pinholistically Yours!


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