Body language of teenagers

Let’s talk about Teens body language! This human kind evolved in a very bad way…

Here is what happens when parents scold a teenager:


First step: the “Talk to my feet, I have a headache” attitude. Just hateful….


Second step: The ” Excuse me, but you’re wrong” attitude: I don’t need to show the body language of angry parents….


Third step: The ” I don’t want to listen to you” attitude.


Fourth step: The ‘ No please, don’t take away my nintendo” attitude.


Fifth step: The ” I am crying but not really” attitude.


Sixth step: the “Too bad” attitude.


Seventh step: the ” how long is it going to last” attitude.


Eighth step: The ” Bored to death” attitude.

I hope this will be helpful.

Pinholistically Yours!

PS: I love my Brownie camera!


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