Smells like Ben’Spirit….


Don’t shake your head like in a famous video clip of the 90’S! The story I am going to tell you is not funny.

Do you believe in Spirits? I don’t. At least, I was not used to believe in them. Until I received a pinhole camera from a friend. A haunted camera! Believe me, I will prove it to you right now. But first, I have to tell you the story of this camera.

I’ve  ‘met’ Ben thanks to Twitter.He is a pinhole photographer from the Netherlands and builds his own cameras. He promised to one of his 100 first followers to send a homemade pinhole camera free of charge. As I am a keen supporter of Ben’s work, I asked him if he could just force things so that I could win the camera….Aaaahhh! Those Mediterrannean roots I will never be able to get rid of!!!! Aaaahhh! Those Northern habits that will never fit with Southern habits!!! He told me no…Of course! I had to use a pinholistic harassement method that I keep secret. Dutch men are gentlemen. I convinced him that If I could get his camera, I would be as good as him. Dutch men are not stupid.

“Behind the camera, there is a photographer. And if you want to shoot as good as me, I have to be with the camera”.

He finally sent me the camera. There is a ghost in the machine. I tested the “Spirit of Ben” two days ago and here are the results:



I was wandering in the street of my city during a humid and hot weather….I was holding the Spirit of Ben in my hand…When suddenly, I saw something moving in front of my eyes! Was it the sun beating down?? I had to be sure of what I saw!


Turned myself as fast as possible to see it. It was like a lightning hand. I could not believe my eyes!


How could it be possible?


I tried to run away from THAT THING and fear started to come.


No place I could run to.IT was following me!


Was it your spirit in the camera? Tell me, Ben!

You can visit Ben’s website:

PS: Help! I need an exorcist!

Can you tell me the name of the photographer who inspired me for this post?

Pinholistically Yours!


3 thoughts on “Smells like Ben’Spirit….

  1. Haha, I had much fun reading it. Thanks Souhade, great!! Don’t know what you do for a living. But there’s definitely a great writer in you. I like all, but the first image very much! You’re even better than me, good work!

    • You are welcome, Ben! And your Spirit too… I take time before writing, I have a notebook where i gather all my ideas and write the story. I don’t work: raising a 13 y.o. teenager plus a 4 y.o. young boy is full time job!!!!Hope somehow being a pinhole photographer will fill our plates someday….

      • oi, you are inspiring me – i have 2 kids ages 6 and 1.5, wondering how i will get more photographing done, since i’m the one who watches them most of the time. if you can do it so can i – i think it will get easier once they are a bit older but i was born impatient!

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