You can get what you want…. til you know what you want


Picture taken in 2004 in Syria at the Omeyyades Mosque – Damascus

Little by little, the bird makes its nest….This is the translation of a french proverb that means that with patience and dedication, you can accomplish a goal difficult to reach.

Now, I am a little bit more self confident concerning pinhole photography: I can consider building a “pinholistic” project.Technically and artistically. I am through an intellectual process that some may call “intellectual masturbation”. We are very good at such things in France… Intellectual stuffs, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t remember that guy centuries ago that said something like: “I think therefore I am”. Dupont? Durand? No! René Descartes! I would say” I picture therefore I am”.

I have been searching for weeks about pinhole photography; and I have discovered one thing. it belongs to what is called “Foto Povera”, in other words “poor photography”. Sure, shooting with a pinhole camera is so basic, so primitive.But the possibilities can be so huge.

What I like about pinhole photography is the ethereal atmosphere it creates. I would say that it is a physical creation of mental pictures. It increases the level of interpretation of the pictures thanks to the blur and grainy effects. The reality is transformed into a poetic and dream pictures.

Since the day I have been a pinhole photographer I have in mind three things:

– Uncertainty is a necessity

– Doubt is a method

– Failure is an experience

I am not going to enter into details as you are a keen reader of my blog. You know what i mean when I use those words.

With all those reflections about pinhole photography, the ideas are fighting in my head. Sometimes, I have strong headaches because of it!

I have decided to shift to a new step:

– i want to build my own camera and try things I saw here and there about pinhole photography. I may lose one or two fingers in this adventure; but i need to do it.

– I even have a big project in mind… I will write about it when everything is ready. I would like to share my enthusiasm about pinhole photography. I am glad to announce you I haven’t grabbed my D90 for months now. I have no pleasure anymore when I shoot with it.

PS: I have bought a new brownie camera for 5 €. It is like new. For sure, I changed it into a pinhole camera. Awesome results! I will post photos soon!

Pinholistically Yours!


8 thoughts on “You can get what you want…. til you know what you want

  1. A question – is the process more important than the final image?
    Another thought – the only things that change between one pinhole camera and another are the quality of the hole and the ‘focus length’ – doesn’t matter whether it’s a cocoa tin, a 6×6 camera or a shoe box?

    • Thank you for asking this question. Because i have started to think about it a few weeks ago.For me,the process is as much important as the final image. It is thanks to this basic process that you’ll get a specific picture, whatever the camera is made of. That is why i will try to make my own cameras:to answer your question….

  2. I am excited to know more about the pinhole camera you are creating. That, for me, is what makes pinhole photography so exciting. The fact that you can create your own camera and reach for your unique vision. You’re right that ‘Uncertainty is a necessity’ I have become more and more comfortable with not knowing as I position my pinhole for an exposure.


    • I have many ideas of cameras in my mind.Unfortunately, I am not gifted for handy work.Nevertheless, I have build one with cardboard.I am waiting for the film to test it. I also want to build a camera for a collective project I would like to perform in France.

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