Improvements on my brownie pinhole camera:Part XXXXX





I am back again! After a week of holidays in the north of France and another lazy hot and sunny week in my home town I have decided to write a post.

I bought few weeks ago some pinholes for my cameraS. One for the Brownie and another one for my very first camera; the one I started to photograph with: a Konica TC-X.

The mirror was stuck and could not take any pictures with it. So I have decided to change it into a pinhole camera to use it back again. I took the mirror away… Now I don’t have a viewfinder anymore. I am like a  blind woman. I hate that feeling.
The results are not that good as the film I used with the konika was not impressed. I wonder why…..I am going to try again today and check what is wrong with it.
About the Brownie camera; I still have to improve it as it is still vignetting. I was expecting this anyway. I need to file again the edges of the original hole …
I bought a 0.32 mm pinhole for it to get dressed for 7.5 cm focal length. The results are not too bad. The Brownie viewfinder is by far better than the one of Holga! But I still have light leaks. I fell on the mud with Brownie and got some on the film…That is a pity. I really start to like this camera. Maybe I will try to find another one and change it into a pinhole camera. I have a big experience now with Brownie cameras.
During my holidays near Nantes; I used my three pinhole cameras and I did a great job with only two. Especially with Holga.I will post some pictures soon.

Pinholistically Yours!

PS: not too convenient to write a post with a mobile….


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