Improvements on my Brownie Pinhole Camera: Part II

Aaha! You really want to know where I failed…I know it: you are reading this post!

Well,I will reveal you the secret of why my pinhole camera was still vignetting after the so called improvements I made.

In fact, I placed my handmade pinhole in front of the original aperture.The pinhole was 2.5 cm far ahead from the aperture. I didn’t realise that it could have an influence on vignetting, as I have no experience on pinhole DIY. But it became clear when I saw the traces of torture on the film (I mean the traces of teeth of the tools I used for enlargement).

Recommendations of Doc Pinholistically Yours: just place the pinhole behind the aperture and cross fingers. I swear that if it doesn’t work, I stop this blog.

I took some pictures to show you How I did it:


This is the picture before the the surgery.


I have separated the body from the film holder


hum hum… lensless photography? Are you sure?!



Draw the shape of the pinhole on a aluminium food packaging


Then cut it


covered the pinhole with some black adhesive tape, inserted it in the joint of the camera


Replaced the film holder in its place….

I scanned the pinhole to mesure it before installing of course. The diameter was 0.4 mm for 7.5 cm as a focal length.F stop: 187,5. Cannot wait for the results!

Another thing…



I will post the results soon…

Pinholistically Yours!


3 thoughts on “Improvements on my Brownie Pinhole Camera: Part II

  1. hi – thanks for finding me! it’s fun looking at your site, i’ve only barely started. thanks for writing in english. i also have an old flash brownie like that which i just converted to pinhole – i decided i had been making the same format pinhole fotos for too long! now i need more time for taking pictures… /jeff

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