Improvements on my Brownie Pinhole Camera:part I

I wanted to make some improvements on my KBFPC ( Kodak Brownie Flash Pinhole camera). I was annoyed by the vignetting effect on my pictures.I thought that if I could take away the original aperture of my brownie camera, it would be better. But, there was one problem. The aperture is stuck in between the bakelite body of the camera. No screws: that means that it is impossible to take it away. I told myself that if I enlarge the aperture, the vignetting effect would be less….I really have to stop thinking… Or I have to think deeper!

I used those instruments of torture to enlarge the aperture:


As usual, I developed the film with Caffenol-C. And when I saw the results, I was…. How to say it??? DISGUSTED! Vignetting!Vignetting!Vignetting! Come on Brownie, what’s happening?Then I realized how stupid I can be! I was blind not to see it, the solution was in front of my eyes!

To be continued…..

Pinholistically Yours!


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