Street of Alès, south of France

Street of Alès, south of France

I have decided to buy a pinhole from Stenocamera and I will demount the original shutter of my Brownie camera. After that, I think everything will be ok with this pinhole camera. For this film shooting, I  scanned my pinhole and measured the size with photoshop elements. It is about 4.7 mm.As the focal length of my Brownie is 10 cm, my pinhole is about f/213. This way I could determine the right exposure for my shooting. I bought John Evans’ book, which was a great help for me, although I think that sometimes some details are missing for the understanding of how pinhole cameras work.

It seems that during the shooting the pinhole moved and I don’t undertand why as it was well screwed to the camera. I also have light leaks!!!! I have a lot of work to do before it is perfect. But now I have a clearer idea of what I want to shoot with a pinhole camera and have my own pinholistic style.

rue Alès175

Sorry for this boring post… Next time I will try to write a funnier one!

Pinholistically Yours!


3 thoughts on “Street of Alès, south of France

  1. not boring. I’m thinking of making a crude pinhole camera and have read up a lot on internet but experience from someone who’s newly having a go at it is very valuable.

  2. i was using a super-crude (and, it turned out, way wrong) way of judging exposure for 10 years (i can be slow) and recently i discovered an ipad/iphone app called “pinhole assist.” it works so well that i bought an ipod touch which is now dedicated as a light meter in my camera bag. sorry to advert for apple, but hey, i love it…

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