Kodak Brownie Flash Pinhole Camera


I bought a Brownie Flash Camera 7 years ago, but I never had the occasion to use it. I have decided to turn it into a pinhole camera. Just to try. I am not a handywoman. Not at all. But doing that seemed to be easy for someone like me. Remember: my twenty fingers and I!

I used a piece of 2×2 cm tin can and made a hole with a small screw driver. Unfortunately, I hit it too strong. The hole was too big: a screwdriverhole camera is born! Halleluia!

I had another problem with this camera.The rewinding system was broken, The film was stuck at the same place and could not be loaded in a proper way. I had to demount the mechanism and replace with …. another screwdriver! Of course, I have used joints to prevent light leaks in the camera.


I was in a hurry to test this camera.  So I shot the whole film on my balcony, developed it with Caffenol-C.

As I did not know the aperture of my new pinhole camera, I used my feelometer to determine the exposure…. Hum, Hum! I really have to calibrate it!

As expected, the negative was over exposed and a strong vignetting effect appeared. I will post the results soon…

This experience made me want to improve it. Next time, I will use aluminium food packaging to be able to use a needle. Maybe I will scan the pinhole to determine the aperture and to be able to get a better exposure of the film. Luck will do the rest.And if I am really motivated, I will buy the perfect size of pinhole  for the Brownie Camera focal length here.

I have to master technically the pinhole process to get into the aesthetic part of photography, to see what can be done. This is my feeling.

Pinholistically Yours!


One thought on “Kodak Brownie Flash Pinhole Camera

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