Holga pinhole lens transplantation on a Nikon D90 body


Oh yes, I can can hear all of you from my place:

YOU: What?! What a disgrace, you dared to cross fertilize advanced pinhole technology with basic digital principle?! How can you dare?

ME: Oh! Please forgive me for this sacrilege! But I had to try this…I have been into this analogue relation with Holga for about one month, but I feel I have to try something else for our mutual attraction to last. I found this lens by chance when I was searching for pinhole cameras on Ebay. I could not help myself from buying this stuff…

YOU: you will whip yourself hundred times after this post!

ME: I deserve it! Now let me explain everything!

I am not lucky with the weather these days. Each time I decide I have to go out and take pictures, the rain follows me. I have to confess something. I am the queen of procrastination. I always delay what I have to do on the same day. So on that shooting day, it rained… a lot!

Here are some results:


I am not convinced about this picture. I could have done the same thing without changing the lens. Ouch!! I have started to whip myself.


And another one…. Ouch!


And another one… Ouch! it hurts!

Conclusion: can I whip myself only 50 times? Because I had no pleasure doing this… I was checking the picture then deleting it when it was not good. it was not like when i use films.: you run to your house, prepare your caffenol-c, develop your film, and you are amazed by the results. There was no expectation, no magic doing this!

Pinholistically Yours!


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