Cafenol C, What else!

Railways in Alès

Tonight is the night….Nooo! I am not going to kill anyone like Dexter. I am going to try Caffenol stand development. I have discovered this way of film developing with Ben Mossing Holsteijn through his pictures made with his own handmade pinhole cameras. He gave the recipe from PhotoJojo. I absolutely wanted to try this way because I had never heard of it before. It sounds strange for me to develop a film with coffee, vitamin C and washing soda. That is the kind of recipe you must absolutely have in your pocket when you are in a country where you can’t find “traditional” film developer. I like that idea.

But the unpredictable mystery of my personality told me I had to search for another recipe. I found one. It was the same recipe but easier for me as it was in French and there were more details  ( pictures in fact) for each step of developing.

Loading the film around the reel took me 10 seconds maybe. I could’t believe it! I start to get used to it.

Here is the recipe:

1)Take half liter of water.

2)Just pour some water in a glass Later you will  disolve the 1000 mg vitamin C tablet in this glass.

3) Weigh 30 g of washing soda and pour it in the water of step 1. Warm it a little bit before to disolve it in a better way.

4) load the film in tank.

5) Weigh 30 g of coffee powder ( like nescafé). Add it to the water where you disolved the washing soda.

6) Moisten the film with water at room temperature.

7) Disolve the vitamin c tablet in water poured in a glass at step 2.

8) Add this mixture to the one of coffee and washing soda. Mix well.

9) Empty the water from the developing tank.

10) Fill the tank with the coffee mixture, close it and turn  it about 15 times. Don’t forget to tap the tank to avoid bubbles.

11) Start the stopwatch and wait for 30 minutes.

12) Empty the tank but keep the solution.

13) Pour it back in the tank and let’s go for 30 min more.

14) Empty the tank.No use for stop bath as the developer was already inside the tank for 1 hour.

15) Wash the film this way:

– fill the tank with water, turn it 5 times, empty it.

– fill the tank with water, turn it 10 times, empty it.

– fill the tank with water, turn it 20 times, empty it.

– fill the tank with water, turn it 30 times, empty it.

16) Use the fixer bath

17) Wash the film the same way of step 15 + a last washing bath with 1 drop of wash liquid.

18) Dry the film

Conclusion: I was totally convinced by the results of caffenol developer and I think i will only use this way from tonight.

PS: Get a chance to win a handmade camera and follow Ben MossingHolsteijn.Only the first hundred Twitter followers can get lucky.

Pinholistically Yours!


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