Pinholistic Travel #1: Istanbul


When a photographer takes a camera between his/her hands, a lot of choices will have to be made, technically and aesthetically. Light and film are essential to create an analog image. Will the photographer use a color, a black and white film.Which sensibility? How to light the scene?Which angle to shoot? Major discussions than can make an experienced photographer hesitate.

As far as I am concerned, for this trip to Istanbul, I have chosen a 400 Iso film ( HP5+)…; Another unpredictable mystery of my personality…. Why, Oh! Why? because I did not want to bother myself with a tripod and thought that if the sensibility of the film is higher, the exposure time will be shorter. Bad calculations.

I searched on the internet for a table of exposure for Holga’s aperture ( f192). I used 3 rollfilms: one for each day I stayed in Istanbul.

Developing these rollfilms was a disaster, although my first attempt as a pinhole photographer was successful. In fact, I was in a hurry to see the results but in the same time, I did not have enough time to do it. I thought It would take 15 min maximum, like last time. It took me 50 min…..Grrrrrr!

Many times, the rollfims fell on the ground and I could not find them in the dark.I had to use the light of my watch to find them back. I finally could do it but I was late to bring my son back from school because of this. My twenty fingers and I are more dangerous the X Rays….

i did not mention that my tiny bathroom was not well isolated.There were some leaks of light. Amateur photographer!!!!

The lessons I have learned from this experience: Photography is like a school of life, you learn from your mistakes.

1) Never listen to your husband concerning your photographer choices and bring a stand next time.

2) Do the contrary of what the unpredictable mysteries of your personality tells you.

3) Don’t be in a hurry to develop your rollfilms.Have a deep breath and cross fingers.

4) Work in the night not to have light leaks.

PS: Maybe I should rename this blog: Diary of a baby born analog photographer. There are so many things I have forgotten about analog photography.

Pinholistically Yours!


2 thoughts on “Pinholistic Travel #1: Istanbul

  1. wonderful post and story!
    As almost all of the handcrafted works time is esential and you have to give yourself the time you need to do it; be pacient!!
    the reward is waiting for you!

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