My first try as a pinhole photographer



Here it is! You have been waiting for it for a long time, I know it.

This is my first rollfilm as a pinhole photographer, and I am not too disappointed about it. Sure, I have a lot to learn about pinhole photography.How to deal with the camera,  the right amount of light to provide to get a perfect exposure…. A long long way to go, but I have to pass these difficulties to succeed.

The weather on that day was horrible, wet, wet, wet.I had my two kids with me; I could not let them at home alone as they had no school, they were on holiday. I used a FP4+ rollfilm. I will tell you why. I bought it on a sunny day, then it rained for weeks… I had enough to wait for a good weather, so I decided to use that rollfilm. Don’t ask me why I did not go and buy another film. These are the unpredictable mysteries of my personality….


That place is located in the south east of France. It is “Pont des Camisards sur le Galeizon”. That place means a lot to me as it is where I used to go every summer to swim.



Pinholistically Yours!


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