%&!!#@$! My neg scan is out of order…


Me ( reddish face) : %$#@&?!%$!!!
You : Hey! What’s wrong with you? You seem to be angry?

Me ( blueish face): %$#@&?!%$!!! Oh yes I am! My neg scan is out of order.I have tried and tried to make it work without success. I am disgusted!!! I am not gifted for DIY and would never be able to build a light box to photograph my negatives with my digital camera.

I have ten fingers but it was as if God gave me ten more fingers… What can I do?

Superman Aka. my husband: Have you tried to take this white panel off? You know, that piece you use when you scan a document, not negatives?

Me (rainbow colored face): %$#@&?!%$!!! Maybe… I don’t know!

Then a flashlight passed trough my brain and vague memories of how to use my Epson 3170 came to me….Yes, there is something I have to take away and that is the reason why it was not working! I am stupid but happy now. No belly dance to perform to get an appointment to the darkromm of my photoclub!

PS: I went to Istanbul last week. I hope the X-RAY will not destroy my roll films. I was told  at the airport that if it is not more than 1600 ISO everything will be fine. I hope so.

Pinholistically Yours!


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