Pinholistically Yours or the diary of a baby born Pinholista


Just take your time. When you use a pinhole camera you have to do so. I had enough of taking snapshots the same way we eat fast food. I want to come back to the origins of photography; smell the smell of the products to reveal the picture; feel the atmosphere of a darkroom back again. In other words: I want to feel alive!
In this blog; you will follow the difficult path of a newbie in pinhole photography. As I don’t know how to make one I have bought a Holga pinhole camera to try it. That was the cheapest PC I have found in the market. Just few lines before; I was talking about the feeling of being in a darkroom. Well! I don’t even own one. I deeply hope to have my own material soon.
And you may ask me “why the hell you want to use a pinhole camera?”. I have seen all the beautiful pictures you can make with the simplest camera in the world. Just you and your photographer point of views.
PS: English is not my mother tongue you may find mistakes. Please excuse me for this.

Pinholistically Yours.


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