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L’homme idéal

l'homme idéal


How are you? Ah, you think I am going to wish you a happy new year? Well,no! Why? Because nothing changed for me between the Dec. 31st and Jan.1st…

And no new year’s resolutions as it is useless: no diet this year.No.Nothing at all.

I am writing this message from the other side of this world,from the bottom of a golden coffin, in which nails are hammered every day.

I am in fact in a state of extreme frustration.I moved to an other place, an other country, an other continent.I don’t complain as my situation is by far better than any other one here…

Well, no! I have to complain because it is sooo French!Yes, i am frustrated because pinholing became a dream here not a reality. No films.No products.Nothing. And yet….I have a big bathroom I could turn into a darkroom.This is what I was missing from France as i had a tiny bathroom.

I recently received my pinhole adapter for my Nikon D90 and decided to play with it to check what kind of interesting pictures could be made with it. Obviously, i will never be able to get the amazing effects of an analogue camera.

I have tried everything: different light, different sensibility, close-up, flashlight….And I think that the only interesting pictures that could be obtained with a digital pinhole are pictures of moving objects.

And yet…Here is a photograph of a bottle of perfume.A still bottle.

PS: I would not mind if eventually you would agree to send me if you please some pinhole and analogue photography related stuffs in order to decrease the level of my frustration:for example samples of photographic paper,fixer for paper and films,black and white films.

Conclusion:”l’homme idéal n’existe pas”.

You have four hours to write an essay about it.

Now, i will leave you and try to tidy the mess in my head.

Pinholistically Yours!




Horse tied to a tree

fete foraine023

One of the rare colour pictures I took with a pinhole camera. I never shoot in color for one reason: I don’t know how to develop the film or I consider it too complex to do it by myself. I have another reason too: my local store is not gifted for that. The film is always scratched and I have nothing to say as he is the only one I consider good in my hometown.

This picture was taken with a 35 mm Holga pinhole camera. I bought one because I wanted to shoot with a widespread format of film. That would allow me to find and shoot 35 mm film in any country.

Pinholistically Yours!

WPPD in Portland

Haystackrock cannon beach001

From virtuality to reality, there is one step. And what a giant step I took to meet some virtual pinhole friends in Portland for the WPPD 2015. A Two-way-seventeen-hour trip I will never forget.
The first meeting took place last year in Amsterdam. And there it was decided that each year the group would meet for this special day in a different city.
This is amazing how a common passion can bring people from different cultural backgrounds together! Stop war, do pinhole!
As far as I am concerned, I did not shoot that much and I deeply regret it. Photography is a passion for solitary souls. I had three bodyguards with me who had other plans: find some fashionable partners for their wardrobe.
I lost a film in that trip too thanks to the X-rays scanners. Never believe anyone at the airport when they tell you it is ok until 800 ISO. it is a lie! The only film that was rescued was a 125 ISO rollfilm.
Ah, I forgot something too! To tell you that I forgot my tripod in the suitcase I was supposed to take with me to Portland, because I realized that the suitcase I was supposed to take to Portland was too tiny to be taken to Portland.You understand?
That means that I took blurred images. I was the tripod bipod. And the pictures were not even taken in Portland, but Cannon Beach. And not on April 26th. A perfect failure! But I intend to correct all of this next year, and guess what! You are invited!


Holga Pinhole camera ( 35 mm) – Ilford FP4+- Caffenol C

Pinholistically Yours!